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A high performance solution identical to Sage 100 Standard in its full-featured functionality throughout all critical business processes except for its ability to utilize an application server ---a wise next step for the growing small and mid-sized business.

Transitioning your business to allow for continued financial growth often requires the need to transform into a multi-location enterprise. This increases the need for additional flexibility from your ERP solution. Sage 100 Advanced provides functionality in remote environments, additional security features, and amplified processing power over that of Sage 100 Advanced.

Remote environments

Connecting increasing numbers of users over several remote environments requires superior software able to preserve data integrity. Sage 100 Advanced partitions the backbone functions of the software such as program logic, processing, and data management and storage from the regularly performed user-interface tasks. This increases the effectiveness of end-user functions, most notably across multiple locations. During the implementation process, a SourceOne priority is to ensure Sage 100 Advanced is deployed to properly utilize the enhanced processing cabalities for remote users.

Data integrity & security

The use of an application server by Sage 100 Advanced to process data management tasks increases the reliability of data throughout the network. Each client, or workstation, continues to log in, access data, and input data, however, the processing performed to validate the user, retrieve and present the data, and query or update the data is carried out on the application server. Inherently, Sage 100 Advanced reduces security risks while maintaining the reliability of information for the small and mid-sized business.

Additional information

The integrated modules and user-interface supported by Sage 100 Advanced are identical to that of Sage 100 Standard. For more information about the various modules contained in both solutions, please visit the official Sage MAS 200 website: