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A superior ERP solution with robust features and functionality and the efficiency of Microsoft SQL Server.  Combine a broad range of modules to build an ERP system optimized for your business, and the resulting integrated system will be more powerful than the individual components.  Offering scalability, flexibility, integration, and reporting using SQL Server, Sage 100 Premium ERP leverages the ease of use, simplicity, and maturity of the Sage 100 product line.

Sage 100 Premium streamlines processes and enhances workflows by dynamically linking information, workflows, and communication channels. Easily access business-critical information the way you want to see it and turn data into actionable knowledge.


Sage 100 Premium capabilities include scheduling and maintenance, ad-hoc reporting, and powerful data integrity tools. Integrations take place at the application level, using eBusiness Web Services or Business Objects® to ensure smooth and successful updates. Coordinate your whole business from finance and sales to light assembly and distribution, through business intelligence and integrations.

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Sage 100 Premium software includes all the same features and functionality of the Sage 100 Standard product line; however, because it is client/server based, the performance gains can be up to 20 times greater than Sage 100 Standard software. Hence, Sage 100 Premium is well suited for companies with remote sites, 10 or more users, or large transaction sets. For more information about the various modules contained in all solutions, please visit the official Sage MAS 200 website: