Sage MAS 90 Product Picture
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Visually discover the flexibility and ease of use of Sage MAS 90.

The Detail View

The default view of your Sage MAS 90 Desktop --similar to what users are familiar with in Internet Explorer.

Click the screenshot for a larger view.

The Collapsed View

The user may switch to a collapsed view of Sage MAS 90 Desktop by clicking the Detail View button located in the Standard Buttons Toolbar as shown below.

Module and Task Views

Quickly access any of the modules to perform data enrty or maintenance by undocking the Tasks and My Tasks tabs which can then be used as a separate window with use in the Collapsed View.

Sample Maintenance and Data Entry Window

Maintenance and data entry windows use many of the same features, simplifying the user’s ability to perform multiple tasks across multiple modules.

Sample Work Order Line Entry Windows

Line entry in data entry windows of modules outside the basic core accounting package also share many of the same features providing commonality among many business process tasks.